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Bukidnon, House and Lot for Sale! Many Choices!

House and Lot P-662 582.00 Lot 3607, Old Damulog, Damulog, Bukidnon Damulog Bukidnon 87,300.00 56,745.00
House and Lot T-26095 765.00 Lot 1448 Linabo, Malaybalay, Bukidnon Malaybalay Bukidnon 76,500.00 49,725.00
House and Lot T-30436 2,984.00 Dologon Maramag Bukidnon Maramag Bukidnon 44,760.00 29,094.00
House and Lot T-19033 275.00 Lot 216-G Purok 4 Valencia Bukidnon Valencia Bukidnon 545,000.00 354,250.00
House and Lot T-70423 114.00 Lot 1 Purok 13, Poblacion, Valencia, Bukidnon. Valencia Bukidnon 85,500.00 64,125.00
House and Lot T-45677 98.00 Lot 12-N-2 Lumbo, Valencia City, Bikidnon. Valencia Bukidnon 176,400.00 114,660.00
House and Lot T-37995 801.00 Lot 330-9 San Isidro, Valencia, Bukidnon. Valencia Bukidnon 274,000.00 178,100.00
House and Lot T-34866 300.00 Lot 194-H-1, Purok 10, Poblacion, Valencia, Bukidnon Valencia Bukidnon 651,000.00 423,150.00
House and Lot T-67548 400.00 Lot 7076 (Lot 5560-A) Guinoyoran Road, Purok 10, Poblacion, Valencia City, Bukidnon Valencia Bukidnon 516,000.00 387,000.00
House and Lot T-63022 325.00 Lot 13 Blk. 3 Juanilla Subdivision, Hagkol, Valencia, Bukidnon. Valencia Bukidnon 374,000.00 280,500.00
House and Lot T-67552 802.00 Lot 1686 Dagatkidavao Valencia Bukidnon Valencia Bukidnon 888,600.00 666,450.00
House and Lot T-67769 180.00 Lot 4 Blk. 2 Juanilla Subd., Poblacion, Valencia, Bukidnon. Valencia Bukidnon 804,700.00 603,525.00
House and Lot P 21713 849.00 Pob Valencia Bukidnon Valencia Bukidnon 424,500.00 275,925.00
House and Lot T-15158 663.00 Lot A Lurogan Valencia Bukidnon Valencia Bukidnon 175,050.00 113,782.50
House and Lot T-37839 1,263.00 Lot 330-1 San Isidro, Valencia, Bukidnon Valencia Bukidnon 362,000.00 235,300.00
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  1. Virgie M. Abejuela
    September 18, 2009 at 1:21 am

    Good morning,

    I am from Valencia City, Bukidnon and interested to see the actual location of the house & lot with TCT# T-19033, Lot 216-G, Purok 4, Valencia,Bukidnon. Can you please give me the name of the owner and the exact address so that I can visit the site as soon as possible.
    You can reach me on this number 0926-3778177.
    Thank you very much.

    Virgie M. Abejuela

  2. veb mercado
    November 29, 2009 at 2:49 am

    i’m very interested to buy any of the property you posted. where or who can i possibly contact if i buy the property?

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