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Great Value House and Lot For Sale in Cagayan!

House and Lot T-9760 10,000.00 LOT A LUCBAN ABULUG CAGAYAN Abulug Cagayan 177,000.00 132,750.00
House and Lot T-10226 699.00 LOT 6-E-3-P CENTRO ALLACAPAN CAGAYAN Allacapan Cagayan 819,000.00 614,250.00
House and Lot T-14822 306.00 LOT 1495-B CABULUAN EAST BALLESTEROS CAGAYAN Ballesteros Cagayan 590,000.00 442,500.00
House and Lot T-10277 246.00 LOT 825 CABARITAN BALLESTEROS CAGAYAN Ballesteros Cagayan 66,000.00 49,500.00
House and Lot P-73215 626.00 CATOTORAN NORTE CAMALANIUGAN CAGAYAN Camalaniugan Cagayan 374,000.00 280,500.00
House and Lot T-85421 1,114.00 LOT 937-A-2 CULLIT GATTARAN CAGAYAN Gattaran Cagayan 72,000.00 54,000.00
House and Lot T-76182 9,115.00 LOT 2079 CAPPIDIGAN GATTARAN CAGAYAN Gattaran Cagayan 189,000.00 141,750.00
House and Lot T-76191 5,395.00 LOT 934-B CULLIT GATTARAN CAGAYAN Gattaran Cagayan 320,000.00 240,000.00
House and Lot T-91698 230.00 LOT 11 SITIO,IPIL GONZAGA CAGAYAN Gonzaga Cagayan 46,000.00 34,500.00
House and Lot T-129634 313.50 MAXINGAL LALLO CAGAYAN Lallo Cagayan 354,000.00 265,500.00
House and Lot T-99655 922.00 LOT 2184 BRGY. CULIT LALLO CAGAYAN Lal-lo Cagayan 40,000.00 30,000.00
House and Lot T-115899 303.00 LOT 291 MAXINGAL LALLO CAGAYAN Lal-lo Cagayan 559,000.00 419,250.00
House and Lot T-119703 172.00 LOT NO. 3115-A STA. MARIA LALLO CAGAYAN Lal-lo Cagayan 198,000.00 148,500.00
House and Lot T-104165 4,458.00 LOT NO. A LA CALAPANGAN IGNACIO JURADO LASAM CAGAYAN Lasam Cagayan 543,000.00 407,250.00
House and Lot T-28780 630.00 LASAM CAGAYAN Lasam Cagayan 328,000.00 213,200.00
House and Lot T-94388 867.00 CENTRO 2 LASAM CAGAYAN Lasam Cagayan 618,000.00 432,600.00
House and Lot T-87870 577.00 CENTRO 1 LASAM CAGAYAN Lasam Cagayan 815,000.00 611,250.00
House and Lot T-4001 7,424.00 LOT 1009 BARRIO ROAD TUGUEGARAO CAGAYAN Tuao Cagayan 132,000.00 99,000.00
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